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When Veneers Isn’t an Option, Consider Whitening Your Teeth

When Veneers Isn’t an Option, Consider Whitening Your Teeth. Did you consider cosmetic dentistry but decided that it might not be in your budget? While it’s true that veneers and other smile makeover options do require a financial commitment, you do have other options to consider, that won’t break the bank!

You may be surprised to see what an improvement your smile can achieve from an affordable teeth whitening treatment. Raleigh Dental Arts offers a safe and proven method to brighten your teeth in just a short period of time.

The Whitening Your Teeth Process:

Before bleaching your teeth, you’ll need to be fitted for a set of custom trays.  In order to do so, we’ll need to take a couple of molds of your teeth. The trays are made from a clear plastic material and fit snugly over your teeth.  They will ensure the bleaching material stays only on your teeth while protecting your gums and other soft tissues from damage.

Once the trays are made, we’ll ensure that they fit correctly, and give you a bleaching solution to use in the convenience of your own home.  Over the next few days, you’ll place some of the concentrated gel in the trays and slip them over your teeth. Be sure to brush your teeth before you wear them, and that you only keep them on for the recommended amount of time.  Within a few days, you’ll begin to see whiter and brighter teeth.

Dealing with Sensitivity

Some hypersensitive patients may be bothered by teeth bleaching solution, but it’s rare.  If you experience any discomfort, you can switch to a sensitivity toothpaste to minimize symptoms. If needed, you can also take ibuprofen, or skip a day or two between each bleaching session.

What to Do After You’re Done Bleaching

Once you’re happy with the shade of your teeth, you can discontinue use. This usually takes 10-14 days to complete. If you have any leftover bleaching solution, then you can store it in the refrigerator to help it maintain its potency.  Put your trays in the box we provided you and store them in a safe place. You may want to whiten some more a few months down the road and these trays are reusable. If you ran out of solution, all you need to do is purchase some more from us.


How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

This is hard to say, as the length of time will be different for everyone. Some patients may need to bleach every 3 or 6 months.  Others may not find it necessary for another 12 months. There are some things that you may want to avoid in order to ensure that your teeth stay brighter, longer:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking dark liquids like coffee and red wine
  • Sauces like teriyaki, soy, or BBQ


At Raleigh Dental Arts, we understand that not all cosmetic dental treatment options are feasible for everyone.  That’s why we like to provide our patients will different options. There’s always something to meet your individual needs. If you’re interested in whitening your teeth with an at home bleaching solution kit, then give our Raleigh cosmetic dentist a call today and we’ll get you fitted right away.  

Tarun Agarwal

Dr. Tarun Agarwal, DDS is considered one of the top dentists in the country. He is a recognized speaker, author, and dental leader. He has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and News 14 Carolina. Dr. Agarwal has been awarded '40 under 40' Business Leaders by the Triangle Business Journal. He is regularly invited to teach other dentists around the world and recently built a training center within the practice dedicated to sharing his expertise. Most importantly he is a loving husband and dedicated father of three wonderful children. His biggest accolade was being voted 'Best Dad in the World' by 2 of his 3 kids.