What You Should Know About an Overbite

What You Should Know About an Overbite. Some people aren’t aware that they have an overbite issue.  After all, the way your teeth come together feels normal to you, so you may not realize that the way they’re aligned isn’t ideal.


What is an Overbite?

A certain amount of overbite between your upper and lower teeth is considered proper alignment. In order to find out if you have an overbite, you should close down with you back teeth touching each other. Now look at the front teeth.  With a correct bite, the top front teeth should slightly cover, and sit in front of the bottom front teeth. If this is what you see, then your bite may be correct.


When is an Overbite Bad?

A severe overbite is seen when the upper front teeth significantly overlap the lower front teeth. This is also known as a “deep bite.” In some mouths, they bite is so deep that the lower front teeth aren’t even visible when biting.

Deep bites are often a hereditary condition that causes the jaw to form incorrectly. Children that use pacifiers or were thumb-suckers well past infancy can develop a deep, open bite.  


What Kinds of Problems Can an Overbite Cause?

Living with a severe overbite can contribute to a list of other dental health concerns, such as…

Advanced Wear: An overbite causes wear of tooth enamel. Most people with this condition will have flat back teeth. This can cause pain in the teeth and jaw. Constant force can lead to tooth fracture and the need for extractions.

Appearance: An overbite can be visually unappealing and alter your facial profile.

Gum Damage: The top teeth and rub against the gums of the lower teeth, causing gum recession. The lower teeth can rub on the roof of the mouth leading to discomfort.

Trouble Speaking and Eating: Overbites can prevent us from being able to make certain sounds, resulting in speech impediments. They can also make it almost impossible to bite into food, compromising your chewing.

Jaw Pain: A deep bite can cause TMJ (jaw joint) pain.


Are There Treatment Options Available to Fix an Overbite?

Most overbites can be easily fixed with orthodontics (braces.)  Invisalign clear aligner therapy is a good solution that can prevent you from having to wear traditional metal braces.  With this treatment option, you’ll wear a series of clear plastic aligners over your teeth and in time they will move into the proper position.

Once you’ve completed your orthodontic treatment, you’ll enter the maintenance phase.  This means that you’ll use some form of retention appliance to prevent your teeth from shifting back.  There are different types of products available. They can be as simple as slipping on a plastic retainer (much like the Invisalign aligners) a few nights a week.


Get Peace of Mind

If you’re not sure if you should be treated for a deep bite, there’s no need to worry.  Raleigh Dental Arts is here to help. We can see you for a consultation to decide if intervention is necessary. Whether you’re an adult orthodontics patient or have questions about your teen,

you can have peace of mind knowing that all your dental needs are being taken care of.  Give us a call today!


Tarun Agarwal

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