is it painful to get dental implants

Does it Hurt to Get Dental Implants?

Do you have missing teeth? Getting dental implants is considered today’s gold standard when it comes to restoring your smile. But what a lot of people want to know is, does it hurt to get dental implants or related implant treatment? In Raleigh, patients of Raleigh Dental Arts known that they’re in great hands. But we believe it’s best to be informed about what to expect before committing to any type of dental care.


When it comes to a “complex” service like dental implant therapy, here’s what you need to know:


“It was easier than having a tooth pulled”

Any time someone needs a basic dental extraction, what we typically tell them is that the only thing they’ll feel is a bit of pressure. Thanks to numbing medication (local anesthetic) all of the surrounding tissues are anesthetized, meaning they don’t sense any discomfort. Pressure is usually the only thing that’s noticeable.


When we have patients who have had both dental extractions and dental implants placed, one of the most common things they say is that “it’s easier than having a tooth extracted.” People want the honest truth about does it hurt to get dental implants or not. With the numbing medication involved, a small amount of pressure is typically all that you’ll be expected to feel.


Sensations in the Installation Site

Installing a dental implant typically involves creating an extremely small incision in the top of your gum tissues at the installation site. Since this tiny opening is created while your gums are numbed, you won’t feel a thing. Depending on the technique being used by our Raleigh implant dentist, a laser might even be involved, making the process even more comfortable.


Surprisingly, the actual location where your implant is being installed — the bone — doesn’t have any nerve endings the way your gum tissues do. So once the implant is set into the socket of the bone, it’s practically painless.


The Recovery Time


Although some dental implant treatments are unique, a straightforward implant installation requires little to no downtime when it comes to recovery. Since your bone won’t be sore and your gum tissues heal extremely fast, it’s common to not feel anything more than a small amount of gum irritation for a day or so. A pain reliever may not even be necessary.


The key to maintaining a pain-free dental implant treatment is to care for your mouth properly once you get back home. You need to ensure that you avoid certain things (like smoking or alcohol) and clean your mouth properly so as not to get an infection. When your mouth is clean, the tissues can heal quite quickly.


Does it Hurt to Get Dental Implants? It Looks Scarier Than It Is


People often see photos of dental implants and imagine the pain that must be involved in getting one placed in their mouth. It’s actually a simple, straightforward process for most people. The only thing intimidating about their shape is the design of the surface, which provides your bone with more area to fuse to. It’s not that the ribbed implant is twisted down slowly into your mouth. Rather, it’s set directly into a socket — just like natural tooth roots — and it triggers bone integration which then naturally fuses it into place. It’s this unique integration process that allows your implants to set firmly in place for the rest of your life.


To protect the integration process and avoid discomfort, our Raleigh implant dentist will cover the implant “root” once it’s installed. We will let it be for 3-6 months, depending on your circumstances. In the meantime, we can fit you with some type of temporary device if the missing tooth is in the visible area of your smile. Once the implant is fully integrated, we gently re-open the gums immediately above the implant (using local anesthetic as before) to attach the abutment and “tooth” onto it.


A Minimally Invasive Experience


What surprises most of our patients is that getting dental implants is a significantly low-impact, minimally invasive process. It’s considered extremely safe and gentle. The best part — besides the lengthy lifespan — is that implants don’t impact the structure of your adjacent teeth; there is no drilling or enamel loss to make room for the implant. You’re able to maintain the natural, healthy teeth you still have and replace the ones that are missing.


Are There Exceptions?


Of course. As with any dental procedure, there will be situations that go beyond that of “basic” treatments. If you asked someone “does it hurt to get dental implants?” most of them will tell you no. But perhaps additional oral surgery is necessary to prepare your smile for implant placement, such as a sinus lift or bone graft. If that’s the case, we will review those concerns with you well ahead of the actual implant treatment. Each step will be a part of your clearly defined care plan so that you know exactly what to expect.


If you’re feeling a little anxious about these steps, rest assured that we complete them in the most comfortable manner possible. Local anesthetic medication, as well as dental sedation, is available! When you feel as if you’re sleeping through the entire process there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.


What About the Final Stage?


Getting dental implants involves a two-stage process. One is the installation of the implants and the other is placing the restoration on top after the implant is fully integrated. As with the initial implant installation, only a small amount of numbing medication is used to create an opening in your gums to access the top of the implant. The implant itself has a tiny opening, which the abutment screws into. Since there are no nerve endings in this area, placing the abutment into the implant is practically pain-free. Only a small amount of pressure — if any at all — will be felt. Then the final restoration, be it a crown or bridge or something else, is cemented onto the implant abutment.


Once biting pressure is applied to your new implant, you’ll feel similar sensations as you would biting with other teeth. Although the feelings are new, they’re not painful. It’s simply a matter of biting pressure being applied to the restoration and implant “root” supporting it. Since the overall restoration is fused with your bone, you likely won’t notice anything at all.



Feeling a Little Nervous?


That’s ok. Undergoing major smile reconstruction or replacing missing teeth can make a lot of people feel nervous. Approximately 1 in 3 people have at least some mild form of dental anxiety. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about! To ensure you’re comfortable, we provide in-house dental sedation for most services, including dental implant therapy. Even if you’re just a little uneasy about it all, we offer this amenity to give you the peace of mind you deserve. If you’re worried about whether it hurts to get dental implants, sedation can help put you at ease.


Although a single, simple dental implant can easily be installed with local anesthetic, we frequently recommend sedation if you’re having several teeth replaced.



One-on-One Consultations


At Raleigh Dental Arts, our patient care coordinators work with each implant client one-on-one to answer all of their questions and discuss concerns. Given unique circumstances, we’ll be better able to discuss exactly what to expect once we have a plan in place for your smile’s rehabilitation. Most people are completely comfortable enough to go back to work the day after their dental implant is installed. If you need additional surgery, a day or two off is typically more than adequate.


Getting Implants is More Comfortable Than You Realized


Today’s dental therapies are gentler than ever, thanks to advanced techniques, technology, and the skilled hands of our Raleigh implant dentist. Having your tooth replaced with a dental implant is simpler than you probably imagined. You might even think it’s easier than getting a basic filling! Does it hurt to get dental implants? Not anymore!


When you combine the convenience of dental implants with their everyday durability, it really is like having a natural smile all over again. Eating and speaking with implants is no different than you would with anatomical teeth. Plus, they’re simple to care for every day. There’s nothing to take in and out and no gooey pastes to mess with. It’s a win-win.


Choose the Best Implant Dentist


To ensure a pain-free dental implant treatment, be sure to select an experienced dental team with both the skills and technology you need. A highly experienced implant provider will be able to place multiple implants without bringing in additional specialists or referring you outside of the office (except for possibly working with an anesthesiologist for sedation purposes.) By streamlining your experience, you can enjoy both a comfortable and convenient process that you’ll feel great about both emotionally and physically.


At Raleigh Dental Arts we’ve placed thousands of dental implants over the years. Our extended training and hands-on experience allow us to expedite the care experience without sacrificing quality or comfort. It’s just one reason why so many people in Raleigh come to us for their smile reconstruction needs.



Find Out if You Qualify


Call Raleigh Dental Arts today to reserve an implant consultation with one of our highly experienced providers. We’re honest and committed to treating you like a member of our family. Your smile is in great hands!



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