Different Levels of Dental Sedation

The Different Levels of Dental Sedation

When you go to the dentist, whether for an exam or to have treatment, you might be concerned about whether or not it will hurt. Thankfully, dentistry has come a long way from its origins and there is really not much pain involved anymore. But if you are concerned about discomfort or have anxiety over sitting still for an hour or so, there are options that you may want to consider.

Sleep Through Your Dental Appointment

Oral Conscious Sedation is the most modern, relaxing way to schedule your dental cleanings and filling appointments. Several different sedatives may be used, including diazepam and lorazepam; but they are in lower amounts than a standard prescription.

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be seated in the treatment room. We’ll take your vitals and give you the sedative to swallow. Your exam or treatment will begin about 20 minutes later, after the medication begins to take effect.

You’ll feel relaxed and calm. You’ll be able to respond to the dentist and team as they ask questions or request you to open or turn your mouth, but you won’t really notice the passage of time or any discomfort. In fact, it’s likely that you won’t remember any details of your appointment at all.

Take The Edge Off

If the idea of a dental visit doesn’t bother you, but you get a little anxious at the thought of a first-time dental procedure, nitrous oxide may be the right choice for you. Nitrous, otherwise known as laughing gas, is a mild sedative. A precise dose is mixed with oxygen and administered through a nosepiece that rests gently across your face.

Nitrous not only provides a slight euphoric feeling but also acts as a light anaesthetic. Like Oral Conscious Sedation, you will remain awake with nitrous oxide, but you will also be able to remember your visit.

Numbing Your Tooth is Important!

Not everyone wants to be asleep during a dental appointment, but no one wants to feel a root canal, filling, or having a tooth removed. With modern anaesthetics, there is no reason to undergo dental procedures without temporary numbing. In fact, we’ll even use a topical anaesthetic to numb your gums before administering the small injection, so that you don’t have to feel it! More anaesthetic may be needed for certain types of restorations, because of how the nerve anatomy is laid out. If you feel anything at all during the procedure, stop Dr. Agarwal and let him know, so he can increase the amount of medication.

Regardless of what treatment you need, or think you need, don’t let anxiety keep you from the dentist’s chair. A bad tooth problem will not get better on its own; it will only leave you feeling more miserable.

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Tarun Agarwal

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