Snoring Appliances

Has your partner told you that you snore in your sleep? Or have you perhaps awoken yourself with a loud snort? The fact is that 40% of men and 24% of women snore in their sleep. Snoring is different from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). While snoring is a symptom of OSA, someone that suffers from

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Four Times Sedation Dentistry Helps Our Patients

If you’ve never experienced sedation dentistry, you might wonder what all the hype is about. But even people without dental anxiety can benefit from sedation dentistry.  Check out these four times that sedation helped our patients: Getting a Filling Megan got all the way through college with good strong teeth. She never had to have

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A Smile Makeover Really Can Fit Any Budget!

When you smile at yourself in the mirror, are you pleased with what you see?  Perhaps you see yellowed or worn teeth, cracks or chips.  Maybe your teeth are crooked or misshapen. Discolored and uneven teeth can affect your smile, confidence, and even the impression you make on others. Fortunately, there are treatments for all

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Physical Characteristics of People With Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can affect anyone at any time. It affects wives who can’t sleep due to their husband’s snoring. It affects children when their parents are too tired to pursue a connected relationship. It affects the individual with sleep apnea physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you know for sure you have OSA or

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