fear of the dentist

Don’t Let the Fear of The Dentist Keep You Away

Don’t Let the Fear of The Dentist Keep You Away. Many of our new patients come to us because they’re anxious about having dental work done.  It’s quite common for adults to fear pain during procedures. In fact, some people will even avoid stepping foot in the door because of it. Not only is this a

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Snoring Appliances

Has your partner told you that you snore in your sleep? Or have you perhaps awoken yourself with a loud snort? The fact is that 40% of men and 24% of women snore in their sleep. Snoring is different from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). While snoring is a symptom of OSA, someone that suffers from

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implants vs. bridge

Implants Vs. Bridge : Which is Right for You?

Implants Vs. Bridge, which is right for you? When you’re given options regarding your dental care, it can be hard to decide which route is best for you.  Knowing the differences can help you make a better decision. Perhaps our dentist in Raleigh, NC told you that in order to replace your missing tooth, you

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Why Didn’t My Insurance Pay for Treatment

Dental insurance can be so confusing to understand.  Sometimes they won’t pay for something that you think they should. Let’s review some common areas in which claims may be denied and why. Replacement Policy in Insurance Most insurance policies have a replacement rule that applies to anything that may need to be redone or changed

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How Dental Insurance work

How Dental Insurance Works

In order for your dental insurance to stay active, your employer charges you a premium every month.  Normally, they’ll take it right out of your paycheck, so you never have to worry about it. All you need to do is present your insurance card whenever you visit the dentist. But dental insurance is a bit

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caring for your oral appliances

Caring for Your Oral Appliances

Caring for your Oral Appliances is one of the most important thing you do. Taking the best care of your teeth should always involve habits like brushing, flossing, and making it to your regularly scheduled dental appointments for checkups and cleanings. Sometimes, it also involves wearing an oral appliance. Straightening your teeth with braces or

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