Invisalign or Braces: How Do I Choose?

An overbite. Crowded teeth. Uneven spacing. You know you need an orthodontic solution, but which is the right one? An orthodontist may recommend traditional orthodontics (either in front of or behind your teeth) or ceramic brackets to help them blend in more. But have you thought about Invisalign? You can complete this state-of-the-art adult braces

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Sleep and Your Growing Child

When you bring your baby home from the hospital, one of the most common pieces of advice given is “Sleep when your baby sleeps.” That can be a hard thing to live up to since newborns sleep round the clock, and you, as much as you might like to sleep, have the responsibilities of adulthood

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Your Smile Lights Up Your Face

A smile can light up the room. It can make the first time you meet memorable; give a stranger a reason to trust; or make someone’s day brighter. But when your teeth are not as white as pearls, and seem to be closer to the color of butter or bananas, you might be less likely

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Menopause and Your Teeth

Menopause. It’s a word that’s often spoken quietly. Half the population goes through it, and the other half of doesn’t want to know anything about it. Your body changes: the skin and hair get drier and lose elasticity and shine. Your nails may become brittle, your bones also. They lose mass and density as your

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Four Times Sedation Dentistry Helps Our Patients

If you’ve never experienced sedation dentistry, you might wonder what all the hype is about. But even people without dental anxiety can benefit from sedation dentistry.  Check out these four times that sedation helped our patients: Getting a Filling Megan got all the way through college with good strong teeth. She never had to have

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A Smile Makeover Really Can Fit Any Budget!

When you smile at yourself in the mirror, are you pleased with what you see?  Perhaps you see yellowed or worn teeth, cracks or chips.  Maybe your teeth are crooked or misshapen. Discolored and uneven teeth can affect your smile, confidence, and even the impression you make on others. Fortunately, there are treatments for all

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